I am an asshat Half-assery

I am an asshat

Half-assery vacuuming – not moving chairs / toys / dog out of the way

Half-assery dusting – not moving pictures / remotes / dead bugs out of the way

Half-assery laundry – leaving clothes in the washing machine for three days before finally having to wash them again, but in cold water this time (to preserve miraculous tiny-numbered gas bill)

Half-assery book writing – playing with blog / journal thing for an hour, editing book for ten minutes, eating some chips

Half-assery posting – realizing half-way through post that “half-assery” really sounds better as “half-assed” but refusing to change anything because ten minutes ago the word “half-assery” was the funniest thing I’d thought of all day.

Now I don’t even remember what I thought “half-assery” meant.

3-< (that's supposed to be a picture of my butt head. Looks like a boob head. Eh. Either way.)

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