HOLY CRAP can you guess


can you guess what this haiku is about?

put hand in pocket
fiery darts of shooting pain
willies forever

That’s right. I will have the willies forever. Why? A freakin scorpion was in the freakin pocket of my freakin jeans and freakin stung me on my finger. Flaming demon pain. Melting blood cells. Those needles from the first season of alias? It was like those. Poisoned spikes of beezlebub.

Now it’s partially paralyzed. The first little knuckle won’t move. It’s hard to type. My finger tip boings with very heartbeat. the fiery pain is subsiding and well it should, because it’s been almost TWO FREAKIN HOURS. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.


scorpions suck. Hard.

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