If I wasn’t scared the

If I wasn’t scared the chemicals would hurt us more than the actual bugs…
I’d call a damn exterminator.

A haiku to mark the occasion:

So glad the wee one
ate a meal worm instead of
nasty arachnid

Worm eating? *shiver* At least it won’t hurt him. I don’t think.

Just FYI – the tormented finger from last night has recovered. All movement is restored. The fiery pain is gone. I’m kind of sad there isn’t a mark or anything. It seems like I should have scorpian initials engraved in my finger – or at least a pink dot or a welt or something. I need a scar. I guess the emotional one will have to do. haha.

Lesson learned: Always keep a) phone book or b) baseball bat near your clothes. That way you can mercilessly beat your clothing with a heavy object before dressing. Seems like this is a good plan to keep clothes arachnid (and dust) free. Also a good plan to further traumatize young child and really beef up his developing phobia of bugs.

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