Are they blind? Because of

Are they blind?

Because of the frequency of large work trucks, small sports cars, children on bikes and other extraneous things and people PULLING OUT IN FRONT OF MY CAR lately, I bring you today’s haiku:

invisible car
like wonder woman’s jet, ‘cept
with swerving, swearing

And I thought the Altima’s cloaking device didn’t come standard. Guess I better read the owner’s manuel.

By the way, I finally got a new mouse and it is awesome. It’s not optical or fancy or anything, just a regular mouse. But it’s been so long since my peripherals were without parkinson’s that I feel ecstatic about my $5.99 purchase. It’s like when your car is on empty and you fill it up with the mid-grade gas and then you swear it drives faster. Or like when you were a kid and your new Nike’s really did make you jump higher. Well, my new mouse makes me write better AND makes my Internet connection go faster. It rocks. I love it.

Shut up.

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