Half-assed bird repellent rodents of

Half-assed bird repellent

rodents of the sky
eating on my black-eyed peas
blasted nasty birds

I have a long-standing hatred of birds. These dirty, flying rats with a disturbing pack (well, flock, I guess) mentality have always grossed me out. (One caveat: I think I like penguins. They don’t fly. And they have chinstraps, which I like.)

Anyway, now that the flying vermin have targeted my new vegetable garden I hate them even more. When I whined about the birds to my hubby he answered, very seriously, “We need mirrors and shiny things. Birds hate those.” I did not know that. My hubby and his encyclopedic knowledge amaze me everyday.

So I stapled aluminum foil to plastic drinking straws and jammed the straws into the rows of my garden. Then, in a burst of creativity, the hubby and I found some silvery, sparkly ribbon and stapled that to sturdy kabob sticks and jammed those into the garden.

close-up of shiny things

So far, our rather pathetic display has actually worked and the birds have stayed away. But those wily sky-pooping rascals are probably reading this right now, so all bets are off.

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