I’m feeling angsty I feel

I’m feeling angsty

I feel dang angsty
or maybe I mean antsy
just too much to do

There probably aren’t a lot of people out there who watch Zoboomafoo on a regular basis. But for those of you who do, I’ve adapted Zoboo’s song:

Angsty-ish. I feel angsty-ish how bout you? Angsty-ish.

Yes, it’s a pretty terrible song. Usually it’s about animals (chicken-ish, I feel chicken-ish how bout you). But I’m feeling angsty, so, sorry, Zoboo, I’ve stolen your song and made it not about animals.

Good grief, I’m going insane. Naw. I’m just tired. Or as the wee one says, “Tie wad.” I am very tie wad this morning. And for some reason I’ve awoken with this feeling of angst. It’s like I’ve suddenly figured out there are a million things I should be doing.

I should write a play or two or three
I should write another book
I should find an agent and/or publisher for the finished book
I should take the GRE
I should try to get accepted to the Michener School for Writers at UT
I should try to get more freelance work so we can have money to pay off the dang credit cards
I should be a better mama
I should clean my house before federal haz-mat agents arrive
I should buy birthday presents for the babe (who’s big 0-2 is the 31st)
I should be nicer to the dog and not yell at him for licking his butt
I should not clean the kitchen so half-assed. That’s why there are gnats in there.
I should clean my desk. It is not necessary for bill stubs from 2001 to sit stacked in front of me.
I should get a bigger desk that’s more conducive to working
I shouldn’t spend any money, ever
I should wash my car
I should clean the wee one’s room
I shouldn’t let the wee one watch so much TV even if it is PBS
I should stop chewing my fingernails
I should get a haircut so that I don’t accidentally grow a mullet

I could just go on and on. And the frustrating thing is that there’s so much I feel like I should be doing that I’m paralyzed. And everything on my list contradicts at least one other thing on the list.

It must be an astrological thing. Is Virgo in the Gemini toilet or something?
And what am I doing writing in this blog when I have so many other things to do?

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