where’d they go? everyone is

where’d they go?

everyone is gone
mom sleeps late, dad and baby
quietly vamoose

I don’t know where they went, but it sure is quiet around here right now. I should be drinking a cup of tea and staring wistfully out the window, enjoying the silence. Instead I’m typing away. I guess, to me this is the same as wistfully looking out a window. It’s nice to type without a small person playing jungle gym with my arms and neck.

I don’t have any tea, but I’m gonna get wistful now. Bear with me.

My cousins are all getting married. To be honest, some are already married and some already have kids, but those are the cousins who are a good deal older than the rest of us in the “brat pack.” The Brat Pack cousins were all born within about four years of each other. There are six of us. In two weeks, 5 of us will be married, with the 6th wedding planned for next summer.

I’m the freak cousin of the bunch – I was married five years ago and have a baby – so I’ve been kind of out of the loop with the rest of the bunch for a while. I also live in Texas and they’re all out in Georgia, so, again, it’s easy to kind of fall away from the crowd.

But when we were kids we all got together fairly frequently… for Georgia bulldog football games, beach vacations, running around in our grandma’s backyard, all that fun stuff. Some of us threw up during car trips together, we got chicken pox at each other’s houses, and when we were tiny we took baths together.

Now we’re married. Spawning. We all have intricately individual lives. Of course, we’ve had individual lives for some time now. The family vacations pretty much stopped once college arrived. And I haven’t taken a bath with any of them in ages (joke – that’s a joke). But it still feels strange.

We’re grown-ups now, with our own mortgages and car payments. It really is the beginning of a new time – everyone in the family is growing a generation older right before our eyes.

And I hate that I’m missing the weddings. I missed one last summer. And I missed one yesterday and I’m missing one a week from Friday. But as a grown-up I don’t have anyone to buy my family plane tickets. (Though my Mom has graciously donated some frequent flier miles to help – the tickets are still too damn expensive.)

The cousins were all at my wedding, and they were all at my sister’s wedding, but we’re not going to make it to theirs. I’m sorry guys. I would LOVE to be there. I would LOVE to show off the Wee One. I would LOVE to have too much to drink at the reception and conga with the rest of lunatics we’re related to. But the fam isn’t going to make it.

I wish you all the best. And I send you all my love. And the Wee One sends sticky kisses.

It’s hard to be a grown-up and not get everything you want.

At least the house is still quiet. I’m going to go drink my tea now.

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