Tell me if you think

Tell me if you think I’m crazy

I’ve had a brain wave. It’s a way for me to panhandle, yet give you something in return. I call it the:

Haikuterbury Tales

It’s an epic poem (like the Iliad or the Canterbury Tales) that I’m going to write in haiku form. For every dollar I get I’ll write a new stanza. I’ve set up an Amazon donation box over in the ever-growing column o’ crap to the left. In a day or so I’ll have a PayPal thing up, too. (See, I’m serious about this.)

I’ll publish the epic poem on the handy blog, and when we hit certain milestones I’ll do something ridiculously crazy to embarrass myself and further pimp out my diminishing self-esteem. Say, when we get to the 25th stanza ($25) I’ll write a haiku on my forehead and post the pic as a stanza. Another 25 stanzas after that maybe I’ll write a haiku in roly-poly carcasses… a jillion more stanzas might result in a butt haiku. It’ll be like performance art. (Though I don’t know about the butt haiku. Pimping the mind and writing on my butt are two very different things.)

So that’s my late-night brain wave. A brilliant idea that just came to me as these four thoughts collided:
“Damn, I need money.”
“Damn, no one will pay me for my book.”
“Damn, I need to write a book of haikus.”
“hee hee. butt haiku.”

So what do you think? Crazy? Interesting social experiment? Big fat cry for help?

You know you’re curious to see what the Haikuterbury Tales will look like.

So am I.

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