Random, yet interesting things: 1)Bust

Random, yet interesting things:

1)Bust out the Fiddler soundtrack again – Haikuterbury Tales has THREE MORE DOLLARS! And you know what that means… three more stanzas are forthcoming. I should have them up by lunch time (I hope). Until then, you can check out the beginning of the Tale right here.

2)The tomatillo plant that I thought was decimated by the roly-polys? As a phoenix rises from the ashes, it has resurrected. Sort of. It still looks like the stem is chewed through to me, but the leaves are turning green again and tiny yellow flowers are blooming. Take THAT you fargin’ bugs. (Check this out if you need background on the Battle of Roly-Poly Resistance.)

3)Yesterday at story time the mean mom was there but she thankfully stayed away from me and the wee one. The wee one did manage to escape from me once and run to the front of the room. He stood there in front of the polite little children sitting in their mother’s laps. So I grabbed him up, dragged him to the back of the room, sat him in my lap and said, “You can’t stand in front of people like that – they can’t see with you in front of them.” Then my almost two-year-old looked up at me with an angelic face and said – this is an exact quote, “People get glasses?”

4)I’m starting to compile a list of search terms people use to find this site. Most of these folks are looking for something quite different than what they find here. They could all probably benefit from learning how to use those handy punctuation marks.

Here’s a sample of some of the latest search terms to bring people to the haiku neck of the woods:

butt of the day
pictures of men licking butt cracks
fauxhawk directions for women
inherent goodness (I like this one)
constipated actresses
egyptian haiku
haiku evil
feminist haiku
very disgusting haiku

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