and it begins… snuffy, check.

and it begins…

snuffy, check. elmo
as angelfish, check. Cartoon
seal, pink… freak out time

The wee one wasn’t too keen on the pink seal making an appearance on Sesame Street this morning. I wish I had a peak into his brain (the wee one’s, not the seal’s)… he’s not scared of two-headed monsters wearing togas, but the pink seal… good god the world is ending.

Speaking of the world ending… the fam is rocketing to the big D this weekend. Land of big hair, big houses and bad traffic, here we come. Though I guess I shouldn’t say “rocketing.” About every other mofo in central texas is going to be heading out that way today too. It’s gonna be a slow and go ride.

When we get there, though, it’ll be worth it. The grandparents get to see the wee one, I’ll get some quiet time to finish a couple of freelance jobs and then on Sunday we’re having a blowout birthday bash for the wee one, who turns two on the 31st. It’s gonna be great fun. I’m trying my hand at making a cake in the shape of a barn for this year’s party. Martha Stewart I’m not, but last year’s giraffe cake went off without a hitch, so now I’m filled with confidence in my cake-shaping capabilities.

Anyway, I’m sure this post is about as interesting to you as every other blog post about preparing for a trip so I’ll stop writing now. I may not get a chance to update the blog much this weekend, but we’ll see. I’m kind of obsessive about it. Plus, it only takes about five seconds to write a haiku. And what’s more fun that writing haiku about baby birthday parties and the subsequent Clash of the Grandmas that will inevitably ensue?

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