since we’re on the food

since we’re on the food topic…

fresh okra today
fried it up, gobbled it down
heaven in cornmeal

I haven’t made fried okra since one time I tried a few years ago and the resulting catastrophe almost caused the entire apartment complex to be evacuated. Now that I am older, wiser, and own my own home I decided to tackle The Okra Challenge again.

Sweet Jesus that stuff is good. Maybe it’s just the peanut oil I like… but I doubt it. I haven’t tasted anything so fresh and summery and downright yummy to my tummy in ages. And it reminds me of being a kid which is always nice.

If only the okra in the garden was thriving (it’s not. It’s midget-y and hole-ridden, which is a shame. The okra I fried up was from the good ol’ HEB). I don’t think Texas soil is made for growing okra.

On a happier garden note, I harvested (oooh, check out the farmer term) some cherry tomatoes today. I got about five of em. Probably four were picked too early, but I was very excited. I don’t want to tempt fate, here, but I think the battle of the roly-polys may be shifting to my side. There are still tiny holes in leaves that are coming from a mysterious source, but other than that most of the plants are thriving. We even have some tiny string beans growing already.

Shoot. With the barn cake, the newfound okra frying ability, and the slow but exciting success of the garden, all I need now is a multi-billion dollar soul-sucking company and an extra few bucks from an insider trading deal and I could be Martha!

Rock. ON.

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