love spontaneous love wee one


spontaneous love
wee one wakes up, smiles and says
“I lub you, Mommy”

What a nice thing to wake up to. It’s the first time he’s ever said “I lub you” all on his own. Usually, when he’s going to bed at night I’ll say, “I love you” and he’ll smile thorough his pacifier and say “Lubbies, Mommy” which is his way of saying “love you.” But this morning, he woke up, looked straight at me and professed his love – nearly pronouncing it right in the process.

I did take a little poetic license in the haiku, though. He actually said, “I love you,” and then said his name instead of “mommy” but I knew it was meant for me. He’s still not 100% clear on the whole pronoun thing.

Anyway, upon hearing his profession of love, my heart swelled, my eyes filled with tears and I probably would have given him anything he asked for at that moment.

It’s a good thing he only asked for a bowl of grits.

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