random dialogue from Excited One

random dialogue from Excited One Liner Guy

I’m debating whether or not I should trade in my usual expression of excitedness (Awesome!) for something new. For a while I was all about “Yahtzee!” But for some reason it didn’t really catch on. Then I tried “right on!” and it was OK for a little while, but it sounded a little surfer dude-ish. So I went back to “Awesome!” Now I’m thinking of branching out again – maybe something a little more risque. Something different. Fun. My hubby suggested “Chaka Kahn!” which I thought was a wonderful idea. So I’m gonna test it out here with Excited One Liner Guy and see how it sounds in comparison to other exclamations of joy.

PERSON 1: I just found a dollar in my pocket.

EOLG: Score!

PERSON 1: Oh no, wait. It’s FIVE dollars.

EOLG: Yahtzee!

PERSON 1: And look – here’s another ten dollars in my pocket.

EOLG: Sweet!

PERSON 1: Maybe I should buy some lottery tickets.

EOLG: Right on!

PERSON 1: [buys tickets, scratches one off] I just won $50!

EOLG: Awesome!

PERSON 1: [scratches off another ticket]And another fifty!

EOLG: Chaka Khan!

Eh. I don’t know. What do you think? It seems like it’s lacking in something. Maybe it needs jazz hands or two thumbs up to really work. I don’t know if I can make that kind of commitment.

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