L.A.M.E. stupid magic dudes suckered


stupid magic dudes
suckered me in and bored me
T.H.E.Y. suck

I was all excited about the magic show on NBC last night. I’m such a sucker for that kind of stuff. But seriously. A hidden camera, Allen Funk-esque street magic practical joke show? It was just too much. If only there had been a guy dressed in a tux jumping off a building while eating a maggot, holding a check for a million dollars to be given to the girl he landed on unless he wants to keep the check himself or use it to pay Donald Trump to give him a job. Well, then we would have had a good show.

I was duped by T.H.E.M. And I don’t mean the dumb magic people. I mean:

Miracles in ratings

Honchos? You suck. Why can’t you show repeats of the West WIng? Oh, wait. Cause IT SUCKED THIS SEASON TOO.

Eh, I need to read more books anyway.

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