Kicking Dubya’s Butt with Haiku!

Kicking Dubya’s Butt with Haiku!

For Dubya’s birthday (July 6th), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is sending him a slew of birthday haiku created by folks just like you and me! See this site for details.

Here are a few haiku I’ve submitted (some of them are birthday related, others just rants):

(this first one sounds like praise for Reagan, but it’s not. I promise)

even if you’re old
you’re still no Reagan junior
bedtime for Bonzo

blow out the candles
on four years of blundering
that’s our wish, at least

celebrate freedom
with a new “patriot act”
kick bush’s ass out

guess for your big day
you will relax, “lie” around
just like ev’ry day

And, possibly my all time favorite haiku ever:

exploding “candles”
some Abu Graib “pinatas”
It’saddam party

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