friday crap Well, I never

friday crap

Well, I never do these things, but today I thought, “What they hey, how about a meme?” (Which, byt the way is pronounced MEEM and not MAYMAY. Am I the only one in the world who said MAYMAY?)

So here it is in all its glory. I kind of even made it up all by myself. Just go through and pick which one you like best of each of the two things. You can make up your own agonizing questions, too, if you want.

yee haw.

hot or cold?
coke or pepsi?
han solo or indiana jones?
mr. rogers or the speedy delivery guy?
casablanca or gone with the wind?
the scarlet letter or moby dick?
i love the 80s or trading spaces?
white gold or gold gold?
grits or cream of wheat?
major highway or tiny little back streets?
glasses or contacts?
chew nails or cut nails?
pearl jam or nirvana?
sidney or scully?
spiderman or superman?
twix or snickers?
huggies or pampers?
asshole or asshat?
blue or red?
CSI LV or CSI miami?
Celine Dion or ramming a spike through your head?
sharp cheese or mild cheese?
good olive oil or save $5?
oprah or ellen?

OK. I could do this forever, but I have to get going. y’all have fun. I’ll check back in later.

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