john kerry’s wives theresa kicks

john kerry’s wives

theresa kicks butt
though she scares me a little
but not like first wife

That haiku sucked. Sorry. My game is a little off.

Anyway, in the spirit of all things conspiratorial and democratic I just thought I should point out that John Kerry’s first wife is named Julia Thorne.

Sound familiar?

Julia Thorne is the name of Sidney Bristow’s alter-ego bad guy/good guy that infiltrates the Covenant (which I still think should start with a K) and saves this guy Lazarey’s life.

I know that if you don’t watch Alias, the above sentence doesn’t make a lick of sense (and even if you do watch the show it’s still kind of confusing). That’s OK, though. My point is that the people who call John Kerry a boring stiff are obviously liars. He was cool enough to woo Theresa, and he was also cool enough to woo the ass-kicking, super spy Julia Thorne.

That guy isn’t boring at all.

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