yeah, I watch it So

yeah, I watch it

So I watch The Amazing Race. Shut up. You probably watch Big Brother, and that makes me better than you. (sort of).

Anyway, I watch The Amazing Race and I totally hate this rat bastard Brandon. He’s all “I’m into God” blah blah and then, at the first turn, he’s stabbing any other team in the back just to get ahead in the race for like five minutes. The escalating dementia of his Jesus-backed moronitude reminds me of someone else *cough*dubya*cough* and perhaps makes me hate him more than I should.

I digress.

To his credit, Brandon seems to have a pretty cool girlfriend. And I really felt for her when stupid Brandon made her get nailed with hockey pucks instead of just drinking a shot of vodka (it was a choice between challenges that I won’t get into here. You can check out this amazing race link for more info on the show and dumbass Brandon.)

Brandon refused to go drink a shot of vodka because of his “religious beliefs.” But when he had a chance to screw over teams that had helped him out, he went for it. (Again, I find some strange republican party allegory here and it irks me.) What a hypocrite this Brandon is. I bet he’s planning on running for office.

Anyway… I was flipping through my local newspaper today when lo! I found something kind of scary. No, not stories about Iraq. No, not stories about the election… I saw a real-life picture of WWJD Brandon modeling t-shirts!

(I don’t know which is more frightening, actually…. that this god-fearing “model” is strutting his stuff on page A12, or that I actually recognized him as the dude from a reality show.)

That’s right. I guess when the Amazing Race labels Brandon and his partner as “Dating Models” they ain’t foolin’. Cause this Foley’s ad had Brandon sporting one stylin’ “new vintage” (whatever the hell that means) Jimi Hendrix t-shirt – and quite a smug puss.

I wonder if he knows of Jimi’s recreational drug hobby? Not only that, I wonder if he knows Jimi probably drank his fair share of vodka, too.


What would Jesus think about your modeling choices Brandon?
Selling your principles to shill $19.99 t-shirts… What would Jesus think, indeed…

Here’s a bigger picture of the whole ad.
I wonder what reality shows the other dudes are on? The scary 80’s chick looks like she could kick some serious ass on The Real World.

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