dang attractive, no stains serene


attractive, no stains
serene smile gives the willies
hot story time mom

It’s cool. I’m content to be Young Story Time Mom, or on a good day Hip Story Time Mom. I’m even OK with being Story Time Mom With Abnormally Talkative Child. But I do admit it would be cool to be Hot Story Time Mom. And I’m not talking about the dyed platinum, long fingernail-wearing, alligator-skinned, thinks she’s the hot story time mom.

I mean the for real and true Hot Story Time Mom.

The one who’s clothes are never wrinkled, who’s hair is cute and does that spikey pony-tail thing that Phoebe’s used to do on Friends….

The one who has the movie star bronze luster to her skin, and even when she’s wrestling with her kid, never breaks out into that upper lip sweat the rest of us gets….

The one who, if she showed up to story time naked, would undoubtedly have no stretch marks or weird back flab….

The one who’s clothing always matches, who’s smile is always bright, who’s friendly enough to make you hang your anti-social head in shame….

THAT’S the one it’d be cool to be. At least for a day or so. I mean, I’m no slouch when it comes to sporadically cute hair and a somewhat skinny butt, but it would still be interesting to see what it’s like to be the one mom that all the other mom’s can’t help but envy just a little.

Of course, we don’t envy her for her child – that is one mad screaming monster – but her totally superficial appearance is something that makes even straight women take a double take.

I guess if the price to being Hot Story Time Mom is to have a writhing mass of angry child to tote around, I don’t even want to be her for a day. But I would at least like my hair to do that spikey pony-tail thing.

It makes me swoon just to think about it.

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