crazy a heart stopping drive


a heart stopping drive
minivan flies like a bird
not in a good way

Just got to the big D after a spontaneous decision to bring the wee one up to visit the grandparents. What a harrowing drive. Normally, the drive up I-35 is scary but today’s drive wins the gold star.

We were outside of Waco, finishing up with our Wendy’s pit stop when we hopped back on the expressway. All of a sudden, the minivan in front of our car swerved for no reason. Maybe he was trying to avoid hitting a piece of trash I saw swirling around, or maybe he just drove into the emergency lane for a second… whatever the reason, the driver swerved and over corrected. I hit my brakes and just watched in slow motion as the minivan started to fishtail. I was thinking, “Please, god, have it crash away from us, have it crash away from us.” and sure enough, it did.

The fishtailing turned into full-on out of control circles, then the van spun out into the grass between the highway and the frontage road. When it did that it went absolutely airborne. It must have flipped three or four time, over three lanes until it ended upright on the grass on the other side of the frontage road (away from the highway).

Luckily, the other drivers on the road saw it happen and slowed way down. And luckily no one rear-ended us as we came to a nearly complete halt on the highway.

The van’s windshield was caved in and crushed, the front, top, sides – all crushed. I don’t know how many people were in it, but I hope they’re OK. As the van spun, I saw the people in the front being jerked around, and it looked to me like they had their seat belts on. Several cars stopped to render aid, and we tried to call 911, but the cell phone was “Searching for service”. Ultimately, we drove on, not wanting to stop our car on the highway and risk getting hit. If the wee one had not been in the car, I would have stopped, but I made the judgment that his safety was my biggest priority, and I wasn’t about to leave him in the car on the side of the highway while I got out to investigate the wreck.

I feel like I should have stopped. And I can’t believe the 911 call didn’t go through. But several other drivers stopped, so I know the minivan people got some immediate help.


It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen while driving.

Ho. lee. crap.

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