Yay! Dinosaurs! If you would

Yay! Dinosaurs!

If you would buy this
I have a garage full of
real old dugong bones

Seriously. I have a ton of dugong fossils in my garage. I dug them all up on a dig I went on when I was about 10.

Why are you laughing?

I also found a 65 million year old parrot fish palette. Bad ass, I know.

Are you still laughing at me?

It was the best damn afternoon trip I ever went on, digging up those fossils. Bones, shark teeth, parrot fish palettes… I found some of the best stuff of any kid on the excursion. Of course, now that I see this, maybe I should suck up my pride and sell the whole damn lot on ebay.

Not sure what the “meat” part means, though. Brings a whole new meaning to boutique jerky doesn’t it?

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