brilliant rat bastard sniffed out


rat bastard sniffed out
even good ol’ boy neighbors
want him O-U-T

Dubya’s hometown newspaper, the Crawford, Texas Iconoclast, is endorsing John Kerry for President.

That’s right. The CRAWFORD newspaper is endorsing KERRY.

(Thanks to Daily Kos for pointing out the editorial.)

This is a paper that endorsed Bush in 2000, supported the war, and has generally wagged it’s little tail as it championed Bush and his policies. But now that they’ve seen the true face of “compassionate conservatism” they’ve reared back from the Bush/Cheney janus and realized the truth. They want him out of office.

Hello? Kerry campaign? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. Not just because it’s Bush’s hometown paper calling him out, but because it’s a well-written, well-thought editorial.

And, well, yes, because it’s Bush’s hometown paper.

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