I love you soooooo much

I love you soooooo much

four dollar baby
best damn money ever spent
we love Oobaloo

The wee one recently got five dollars in the mail from his great-grandmother. Rather than save it for college or something useful like that, I yelled, “Woo hoo! Let’s go to Target!”

So we took the five dollars to Target and checked out the toys. We narrowed things down to a barnyard puzzle, a light sabre and a little doll. Crazily enough, the wee one chose the doll over the other two coveted toys. As soon as he grabbed the doll off the shelf he exclaimed, “Oh, baby, I love her sooooo much.” And, well, that was that.

Once we got home I asked the wee one what his baby’s name was.

“Oobaloo,” he said, as if I was crazy for not knowing this already.

I didn’t really think the name would stick, because it sounded a lot like made-up words he’s been calling other things. Yet when I asked him again later in the afternoon what his baby’s name was, he said matter-of-factly, “Ooblaoo.”

So Oobaloo it is.

Poor Oobaloo, though is in serious need of a GPS tracking device. She’s lost more than she’s found. Our days have now devolved into conducting massive search and rescue missions. We find Oobaloo’s clothes, but no Oobaloo, so then our search becomes a kind of CSI episode with examinations of evidence and interrogations of hapless Newman.

I don’t what would happen if Oobaloo was ever lost for good. We’d have to call Gary Sinise.

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