administrative monday have great idea

administrative monday

have great idea
but first must take care of this
blog bidness right now

Well, I don’t have a lot of time for a lengthy diatribe on homecoming mums or Fisher price training potties, but they’re forthcoming, I promise.

Right now I have a couple of stupid things to announce and then I have to go eat some grits and take the babe to the grocery store. Ah, exciting times. Exciting times.

My first big announcement is that I can wear my size 6 jeans again. Before you get happy for me, know this. I’ve actually moved up a size, not down. I’ve been trying to gain some weight for a while now and it looks like it may actually be working. Before you send me hate mail, let me just say this: When you’re on the skinny side of skinny, it’s not cool. People whisper that you’re anorexic or try to catch you barfing in the bathroom. They constantly harass you about your weight and how healthy you are, etc. For a while, this all stopped, because I managed to gain 48 pounds when I was pregnant. Crazy, I know. I didn’t really do it on purpose, it just happened. I turned into a Kari and a half. Then the wee one was born, I nursed (still am, actually) and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly (though with a completely altered body type, stretch marks galore and all that fun stuff.) Anyway, I’m back into my size 6 jeans. Yay. Maybe a little meat on my booty will help me get pregnant, cause, damn, it just doesn’t seem to be working this time.

OK, next announcement: I joined Friendster. For the past few weeks I’ve been reading in people’s blogs and hearing friends talk about how cool Friendster is, so being the follower I am, I joined up. It’s kind of cool because you can track down old friends and spy on old boyfriends and stuff, but it seems like mostly a tool for dating. One cool thing is that I actually (sort of) found my friend Amy who’s lost out in San Francisco somewhere. I’ve been trying to track down this gal for over a year now, and bam, there she is on Friendster. The only problem is that her picture’s still up, but her profile is not. She hasn’t logged on for over year. Guess I’m a little late to the Friendster bandwagon. Oh well. At least I know that a year ago she was still alive. Cool.

If anybody out there in blogland wants me to add you to my eeny web of friends (or vice versa), leave a comment, or email me at karianne[at]gmail[dot]com and we can become BFF.

Third announcement… well, it’s not really an announcement, it’s a question: should I or shouldn’t I put up a Kerry/Edwards yard sign? I’m feeling a little manic about my support right now and I want to show it off. I know a yard sign won’t earn any votes and that it will probably alienate my neighbors (who are all crazy right-wing nuts from what I can tell). But then again, maybe there are some closet Democrats out here who want some support… I don’t want to get my house firebombed, but I also would like to show my support for the dems out there (however few and far between they are in the austin burbs). Whaddaya think?

Last thing: I know the Olympics poll is sadly outdated and, though, obnoxious, definitely not a poll of the week. I tried to do the ass thing, below, but it didn’t work. I’m working on a new poll. It’ll be up soon.

*** EDIT***
The new poll is up! Check it out over to the left. And if you care at all… the number one thing everyone misses most about the Olympics is seeing swimmers’ ass cracks. Hearing Paul Hamm talk came in a close second and watching Misty May and Kerri Walsh make out came in close third. No one gave a damn about Bob Costa’s lavender shirts, the crazy Greek lady’s wig, or the words “FIG” “rhythmic” and “doping.”

OK. I’m off to eat grits now.

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