Botoxed Vulcan? yesh, pleez excush

Botoxed Vulcan?

yesh, pleez excush me
my jaw ish now paralyshed
from all the botoxsh

Jesus Mary Joseph and the camel, did you SEE Mary Matlin spinning after the Veep debate? The words were coming out, but her face wasn’t movin’. Scary. Plus, the triple kill Marge Simpson pearls were a little over the top. But I guess after a certain age you have to up your pearl strand count to match the layers of waddle. (“Oooh, she’s a three-stander? Thank-god I’m only at two”) I guess you can’t botox your neck.

Without further ado, I bring you the first Separated At Birth presented by Haiku of the Day (and please do not think less of me for being familiar with Star Trek characters):

I present Ms. “Can’t feel my face” Matlin:

And Ms. “Vulcan Chick from that one Star Trek show” T’Pol

Somebody’s stylist has been watching a lot, lot, lot of wanker sci-fi on UPN.

(PS. The Blogger spell check wants to replace “Botox” with “botch.” How very smart you are, Blogger Spell Check. Smart indeed.)

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