Two random thoughts actually fall

Two random thoughts

actually fall
billowing clouds and cool temps
very confusing

First thought:
I can’t believe we’re actually having an autumn this year – or at least this week. The temperatures are in the low 80’s, the sky is blue and beautiful, the breeze is rustling the trees… I feel like I’ve been transported out of Texas without anyone telling me. Usually we go from 110 degrees to about 95 degrees and then it’s February, we get one ice storm, and it’s summer again. It’s so WEIRD to have slightly cool temps. I don’t know what to do. Open the windows? Bask in the glory of nature? I’m so used to hiding in the air-conditioning, I have no response to this oddity at all (well except to wonder what in the hell is going on).

second thought:
babies and dens… not like rooms with paneling and corduroy couches where some kid in the seventh grade tries to feel you up… I mean dens like dogs have… tight-fitting walls and a low ceiling where you’re sort of smothered hugged by the space. Is it a proven fact that babies like dens? The wee one loves this stuff. He’s always getting himself into tight little places – especially the area of the desk where the desktop tower is supposed to go. The tower was long ago moved to higher ground, so now the wee one crams himself into the space , pulls his knees to his chin and gleefully shouts about how he’s in his “cave, mommy!” “It’s a cave mommy!”

He also gets into cabinets, climbs under the hanging clothes in the closet, hunkers down in the dry bathtub and sits in the space under the vanity in my bathroom. The dog and the baby are constantly duking it out for den space. Cute… yet strange.

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