I got nuthin the bastards

I got nuthin

the bastards got me
sucked in by their evil ways
(and their honks and toots)

Those damn teletubbies. They don’t make any sense when they talk. They have that scary babyfaced sun. They have those strange showerhead looking things that sprout out of the ground. Yet, somehow they’ve sucked me in.

This morning I was fixing breakfast when I heard the wee one just bust out laughing. I looked up and saw Lala (yes, I know their names) with a giant cookie stuck on his/her head. The wee one was literally rolling around on the ground gasping in laughter “Lala have cookie in hair!” which was really funny, because Lala has this one, sort of, thing sticking up off the top of it’s head. I hadn’t really thought of it as hair before.

So there’s Lala, looking around in surprise, all “what the hell are you other teletubbies laughing at?” And the other teletubbies are giggling and pointing. Meanwhile, the wee one is about to have a stroke, and the whole scene is so funny I just can’t help but laugh, too.

“Lala has cookie in hair.”


When did stuff like this become the funniest part of my day?

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