birfday narcissist’s day off puts


narcissist’s day off
puts others ahead of self
cooks asparagus

Today is my hubby’s birthday. He’s very lo-key about these kinds of things, so I always want to do something crazy just to get a reaction from him. My plan for this year is to surprise him by creating a dinner full of things I hate.

Because I’m the one who does most of the grocery shopping and cooking, I tend to buy things that are a) easy to cook and b) tasty. There is some arguement to be had over whether or not the things I think are tasty are, indeed, actually tasty. But I like ’em and I do the shopping, so there.

At least, that’s usually my selfless attitude about it. Ahem. But today is different. For the hubby’s birthday I have amassed a slew of dinner items that he hardly ever gets to eat. It’s not that I actually hate this stuff, it’s just that it’s not up there with chocolate chip cookies and cheeseburgers, so under normal circumstances I’m not that interested.

Anyway… my great sacrifice for tonight’s dinner includes:

Salmon – not my favorite fish, but the hubby digs it
Asparagus – not a fan of the smelly pee after-effects
Wine – red wine makes me ANGRY. White wine makes me sleepy. I’m a tequila kinda gal.
Oatmeal cookies – Why eat something sweet if it has no chocolate in it?

Hopefully, after seeing the pure delight on my hubby’s face as he eats his salmon and then has smelly asparagus pee for two days, I’ll find a way to be more selfless in the future.

We’ll see.

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