P-U rotten dead thing stench


rotten dead thing stench
wee one wrinkles nose then says
“yuck, smells like poopies”

Got in the car this morning and nearly passed out from the smell. Seriously – it was like something had crawled in there and died. I figured it must have been some old sippy cup filled with milk or something, but no sippy cups were found and the smell was really much worse than old milk.

So the wee one and I exited the car and began a CSI operation to figure out what had died. We looked for smooshed squirrels tagging along under the car; we looked for rotten cheerios and nutrigrain bars in the back seat – nothing.

Finally, being the intelligent woman I am, I popped the trunk.

Barf-o-rama. We found the source of the stink.

Holding my hand over my face I reached in and found a lone bag from the grocery store. Inside the bag: 1 gallon of milk, 1 pound of chicken thighs. From our grocery shopping excursion. Yesterday morning.

26 hours in 90 degree heat does evil things to a gallon of milk and a pound of chicken, so beware.

I’m off to disinfect my trunk now. Joy.

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