method to my madness mops,

method to my madness

mops, brushes, poison
cleaning house sucks donkeyballs
or at least it did

There’s this stuff. It’s called Method and you use it to clean your house. There’s Method floor cleaner, Method dish washer stuff, Method bathroom cleaner, etc. Normally, I don’t really get all crazy about cleaning supplies. In fact, I hate how they make my house smell. I don’t want to live in an old folks home until I’m old, you know?

But I bought some of this method stuff anyway, because 1) it smells damn good and 2) it won’t kill my baby. Other benefits are that it’s biodegradeable and little bunnies aren’t tortured to make sure it won’t sting your eyes.

I guess this means I’m sort of like one of those people who puts “Save the Planet” bumper stickers all over their Hummer, because practically everything else in my house is poisonous and/or going to outlast a million and one nuclear winters.

But I like the Method stuff. It cleans off dried up oatmeal from my walls and it smells like pink grapefruit. How awesome is that?

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