It’s alive! utter revulsion it’s

It’s alive!

utter revulsion
it’s not a bad wake-up call
if you can take it

This morning I discovered something even better than coffee for shaking off the dregs of sleep.

A scorpion in the shower.

That’s right. Why spend all that money on Columbian roast when you can just drop a squirming, tail-snapping, angry arachnid onto the floor of your shower? It’ll wake you up in an instant!

Even better is the feeling you get once you hop screaming from the shower and put your glasses on. Then the once seemingly three inch scorpion is perceived at its actual size – that of a mini cooper.

After throwing all the shoes you can find into the shower, hoping that one will be large enough to smash the scary interloper, you can enjoy a sigh of relief, and the jittery hands of someone who has had maybe 4 or 5 cups of joe.

Ah, scorpions. At least I didn’t get stung this time.

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