freak out week creativity is

freak out week

is it even possible
when it is scheduled?

Well, I’ve gone a little crazy. My mother-in-law is in town for the week to watch the wee one. I have a guest blogger all lined up. The only part of my plan that isn’t falling into place is the muse. The goddamned hussy is late. I’ve been calling her and paging her and trying to get the message to her than I have a whole week in front of me with nothing to do but write (with a few breaks for groceries and dance class). But she’s yet to acknowledge me.

She has twelve hours to show up. Otherwise I’m screwed.

See, I had this phenomenal, fantastic chat with The Agent a few weeks ago. And even though he’s still not actually my agent, he’s taken an interest in my book. So he sent me some line edits. We discussed some more revisions. I promised an outline. (I also hung up the phone and squealed a lot and ran around like a high school sophomore who just got asked to the prom.)

So now I have a major project to undertake. I have some major deep breaths to inhale. I have a muse due to arrive any second now so that I can think up some brilliant and tantalizing new ideas for the outline and the revisions that will follow.

Wish me luck.

And be nice to Adam, my guest blogger. I have a feeling, though, you may actually like him better than me. If that’s the case, don’t tell me… just goad Adam into starting a blog of his own. I think after test driving mine he may go for it.

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