here we go Guest blogger

here we go

Guest blogger nervous
millions of people on Web
may all ignore him

Greetings to the Internet! Thanks to Kari for allowing me to guest blog this week (as you can see from her earlier post, Kari is hoping that I’ll catch the blogging bug, create a blog of my own, link back to her blog, and thereby further her plan to dominate the lucrative Internet haiku market). Kari will be back in a week, so if you find my posts pedantic, annoying, or just plain boring (this means you, Mom) check back in a week, and the quality will have returned to normal.

I’ve got big plans for the week, but I wanted to set a certain tone with my first post. A tone of sophistication and class. That’s why my first post will be on the touchstone of class in our society: Hooters gift cards.

I didn’t know you could buy Hooters gift cards. But through the magic of radio advertising, I discovered this morning that you can, in fact, buy gift cards from Hooters. Its apparently a Christmas thing. Really. Now obviously there’s lots of questions this raises, like “who buys somebody a Hooters gift card for any holiday, let alone Christmas?” But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the ad for the cards.

Like I said, I heard the ad on the radio. And it was basically a Christmas jingle thing, wherein a choir sings about the marvelous benefits of the Hooters gift card. The jingle is set to the tune of “The Carol of The Bells.” It was a terrible jingle, all about how easy it is to buy a Hooters gift card and how thoughtful it is to basically give somebody a lite beer for Christmas. And what I want to know is: who are these people singing the jingle? Are these professional choir people? Are they people who once aspired to choir-singing greatness, and now just hope to do a Gap ad? I don’t want to be too harsh. We all have professional dreams that don’t work out (when I was a kid, I thought that by this time I’d be a 25th level magic-user. But that’s another story). But there was something sort of sad and pathetic that these fairly professional choir singers were using their gifts in service of Hooters. But then again, maybe Hooters only hires girls that are also choir singers.

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