Whiny curmudgeon compiles his change

Whiny curmudgeon
compiles his change in cans
Bad television

So on Sunday night I’m watching 60 Minutes, and its the usual 60 Minutes thing–one story about government misdeeds to outrage you (always tempered by the fact that you know 60 Minutes is packaging it to heighten the outrage), one slice of life kind of story (this one was about a 12 year old that could write whole symphonies. I wasn’t that impressed. At that age I could complete almost all the levels of Defender on my Atari, and no one did a story about me), and one celebrity interview that was really about as deep as a similar interview on Access Hollywood, but its got that 60 Minutes class (nice film, painfully tight closeups, baritone voiced interviewer, and nobody’s exposing their midriff (although don’t we all wish Ed Bradley would)) so you don’t feel quite as silly watching it.

And then comes Andy Rooney. Now, I used to enjoy old Andy. I liked his takes on things like cereal boxes that wouldn’t close properly, or the annoying fact that you get 10 hot dogs to a package but only 8 hot dog buns per pack. That kind of stuff I can get behind. But clearly Andy’s lost that fire, that investigative drive that made him a legend. Because on Sunday night, all he talked about was taking his change to the bank. And they actually had video of him doing it. So we got about 5 minutes of Andy telling us that he puts his change in (get this!) old coffee cans, and then, when they fill up he (get ready!) takes the change to the bank to exchange it for bills. And then they show him do it. It was utterly pointless. Oh sure, he tried to make it seem like another one of his curmudgeonly takes on things by saying the government should retire the penny, but it didn’t work. I can’t believe he gets paid for this.

It was the worst television I’ve seen that didn’t have the words “My Big Fat” in the title.

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