clip clip clip found a

clip clip clip

found a nice new home
though eviction notice served
my poor, sad clippers

The only thing my hubby wants for Christmas is for me to stop keeping my fingernail clippers on the kitchen counter. I’m sure from the outside this seems like a reasonable request. But if you have seen the amount of fingernail clippers I’ve lost over the years you’d be shocked and horrified. You’d realize that the money I spend on fingernail clippers is roughly the same as the GNP of a small country. So by leaving my clippers on the counter I actually know where they are and don’t need to buy new ones every other day. This, in effect, saves a lot of money and can actually afford me to buy a nicer Christmas present for my husband (though maybe not as, I don’t know, personal).

But he would rather me spend Zimbabwe’s GNP on fingernail clippers and get them off the damn counter.

Fine. But there goes that Mr. Clean automatic car washer I was going to get him.

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