biting lower lip
while joyously shaking rump
I have an agent!

OK. Now that I’m pretty much done doing my new one woman “look who has an A-gent” conga line, I can take a breath and fill you in. Not that you care to be filled in, but in case you do…

I’ve been procrastinating working on some revisions of my book for the past few weeks and I finally finished them the other day. Yesterday I emailed the revisions to The Agent Formerly Known As The Agent Who Was Not Yet Mine.

He called me this morning to say he really liked the revisions and that he had a few more suggestions for tightening up the end of the book. We chatted about his ideas, I clarified some of my reasoning for things I’d changed, and then he asked the all important question:

“Have we talked about a contract yet?”

I stammered something about meaning to talk to him about that, and he went into a spiel about the contract and how it makes me a client of Writers House, LLC and after that I didn’t hear anything because my brain filled with unicorns and daisies and flying confetti and some kind of humming pink afterglow.

Then he said he’d pop the contract in the mail to me, and if I go on and get the new revisions to him soon he can send the book out on the rounds in a few weeks.

Out on the rounds! To real live publishers!

I know that this doesn’t mean I’m going to be the next famous writer. And I know it doesn’t even mean someone will want to publish the book. But it does mean a fancy New York agent is willing to take me on and try to sell my book. Technically, I know the agent works for the writer, but I still can’t help but feel a little like I won the lottery.


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