music sometimes it’s painful other


sometimes it’s painful
other times it makes you melt
a daily soundtrack

Two interesting music notes:

1) While I was in the grocery store yesterday, they were piping in Portishead. Not Celine Dion, not elevator-ized Michael Jackson, not Kenny G… for real and for true Portishead. Just one more reason why I heart HEB. Gosh that’s a great store.

2) You know the soundtrack for Garden State? If you don’t, you should. Right now it’s totally the kind of music I just want to wash over me (and I’m usually a thrashy, Nirvana kind of girl). I want to be IN this soundtrack. Not as a part of a band or anything like that – I want to float in the music. I want to envelope myself in the music. I don’t know what it is, but I guess it really fits my mood these days. It’s not melancholy unless you want it to be, but it’s slow, thoughtful, heartwrenching, lovely music. The Shins, Nick Drake, Thievery Corporation… I have no words. I am obsessed with this album.

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