two things a freezing cold

two things

a freezing cold day
even Target doesn’t help
I need a blanket

1) So, a couple of days ago I went on about music. Well, my musical taste has abruptly disappeared, as I’m now pretty into Kids in Motion by Greg and Steve. It’s not a great CD really, the music is kiddie stuff and not cool kiddie stuff like TMBG. Yet, there’s something about it. Maybe it’s the fact that it was produced in 1987 so every song has a very faint tinge of Say Anything synthesizer to it. Maybe it’s that a big part of the wee one’s dance class is built around it, so I’m endeared to the music for reasons other than musical ones. Don’t know. But I’m digging in right now. Especially the title track. You can catch a snippet of it on Amazon. Let me know if I’m crazy. This song is totally an 80s movie clone – I can imagine a mall food court montage scene set to it.

2) I forgot what my other thing was. Damn.

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