biting lower lip
while joyously shaking rump
I have an agent!

OK. Now that I’m pretty much done doing my new one woman “look who has an A-gent” conga line, I can take a breath and fill you in. Not that you care to be filled in, but in case you do…

I’ve been procrastinating working on some revisions of my book for the past few weeks and I finally finished them the other day. Yesterday I emailed the revisions to The Agent Formerly Known As The Agent Who Was Not Yet Mine.

He called me this morning to say he really liked the revisions and that he had a few more suggestions for tightening up the end of the book. We chatted about his ideas, I clarified some of my reasoning for things I’d changed, and then he asked the all important question:

“Have we talked about a contract yet?”

I stammered something about meaning to talk to him about that, and he went into a spiel about the contract and how it makes me a client of Writers House, LLC and after that I didn’t hear anything because my brain filled with unicorns and daisies and flying confetti and some kind of humming pink afterglow.

Then he said he’d pop the contract in the mail to me, and if I go on and get the new revisions to him soon he can send the book out on the rounds in a few weeks.

Out on the rounds! To real live publishers!

I know that this doesn’t mean I’m going to be the next famous writer. And I know it doesn’t even mean someone will want to publish the book. But it does mean a fancy New York agent is willing to take me on and try to sell my book. Technically, I know the agent works for the writer, but I still can’t help but feel a little like I won the lottery.


yay money lovely rebate check

yay money

lovely rebate check
how I’ve dreamed of your zeros,
your smooth watermark

Got the TiVo rebate check today. This may seem like terribly mundane news, and I guess it probably is. But still. A random check for a hundred bucks in the mail? Huzzah.

Hey, so guess what? The wee one has a new word. “Frustrating.”

He came up to me and held his little hands up in a shrug and he said, “Mommy, I’m frustrating.”

And I thought to myself, “By God, this kid is a genius. He KNOWS he’s driving me nuts.”

Then he chewed the corner of his lip and looked up at me with his huge dark eyes and said, “I’m just frustrating because of somesing you said to me.”

So I said, “You’re frustrated because I said something to you? What did I say?”

“You said somesing about somesing.”

“Baby I need more specifics.”

“You told me not to do somesing.”

I think for a second and say, “I told you not to smear fluorescent pink play-doh into the carpet?”

Here he shrugs again and says, “I’m frustrating because you said that to me.”

And the conversation goes on and on from there.

He may be frustrating, but he’s still awesome.

question maybe they’re just dumb


maybe they’re just dumb
or bought an adorned used car
fishy speeders suck

Why is it always the car or minivan with the little Christian fish emblem on the back of it that drives 45 miles an hour down my neighborhood street? Would the baby Jesus be happy about the fish minivan plowing through a bunch of kids walking home from school? I think not.

uuuuuuugh gift that keeps giving


gift that keeps giving
sinuses filled with concrete
throat has Christmas fire

I guess this will be the last year we host Christmas at my house. After the Christmas morning pukefest I don’t blame anyone for never wanting to come back. And just to add a cherry on top, everyone now has some kind of cold/sinus/flu thing that is pure evil. And when I say everyone, I don’t just mean my family – I mean the extended family. Everyone who has come in contact with me and my child is now achingly ill. It’s a little something I like to call the sick degrees of separation. a-haha.

Would you like a side of Theraflu with your Christmas Plague?

Ugh. My sinuses haven’t been clear for over a week. I’ve had a headache for just about the same amount of time. My throat STILL hurts. At least the coughing has stopped.

And the wee one decided that last night was a night that needed to be filled with kicking and crying out and generally not sleeping. At 5 am, I gave up and just got up with him. He played with Christmas toys, I blew my nose.

Could there be a more auspicious beginning to the New Year?

Oh yeah, another one of my friends, and two cousins are pregnant.