these things salty and cheesy

these things

salty and cheesy
my mouth likes to crunch them up
pretend they’re healthy

Have you seen these new things? they’re called Munchies and they’re mad expensive, but SO AWESOME. In one bag you get: doritos, sun chips, cheetos, and pretzels. There’s a cheesy bag and a cool ranch bag and some other kinds too (sweet, hot, etc. You know the drill.). Each piece is bite-sized so you can cram whole fistfuls into your mouth. Yes.

The doritos satisfy your craving for crap
The sun chips make you feel like you’re eating healthy
The cheetos give you that touch of heartburn that everyone loves
And then there’s the pretzels…

I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the pretzels. Pretzels are like the ugly step-child of real junk food. When eaten alone they’re not bad, but when thrown in a mix there’s always too many of them and they mute the delectible cheese/grease flavor of the other crap.

Anyway. Muchies taste gooood. Not as good as Combos (the holiest of pretzel exceptions), but still. My hunger was cheesed away. And my future fat-filled saddlebag hips were nourished and all was right with the world.

Oh, and speaking of weird food… check this out: Moto is a restaraunt in Chicago where even the menu is edible. The chef has created flavored inks for his Canon inkjet printer and he makes various edible printouts. He’s also exprimenting with helium and ion guns right now – trying to figure out how to float foods on the table.

This, my friends, is the Future of food. When my Munchies can float in front of me while I watch Lost I will have reached nirvana.

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