Is this crazy? they’re bleeding

Is this crazy?

they’re bleeding me dry
doctors, insurance payments
all punk ass bitches

Got this bit of fantastic news the other day… my son’s pediatrician’s office is now charging all of their clients $100 a year per child to have the privilege of being treated there. This is in addition to co-pays and the out the ass wads of money we fork over for insurance.

The doctor’s office says the fee pays for "value added services" like having on-site blood draws and an x-ray room. It’s also to compensate for the extraordinarily low reimbursements they get from a handful of insurance companies.

We’re supposed to pay $100 a year per child so that we get the "benefit" of STILL BEING CHARGED MONEY when we call to talk to a nurse in the evenings or on the weekends.

Really, though, as I get worked up over my kid’s doctor’s office charging us like it’s a country club, I can’t really blame them. I imagine they’re right and they ARE getting screwed by the insurance companies. But don’t I pay enough already? I mean DAMN. Over $600 a month (which is CHEAP) for family insurance, plus an insane deductible, plus co-pays, plus still having to pay out the wazoo for prescriptions… I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY.

So now I just got the second letter from the doctor’s office saying that my child won’t be a patient there anymore unless we pony up the cash before April 15th. And the thing is… we love love love his doctor. We love the examining rooms decorated with Star Wars figurines. We like the nurses and the patience with which everyone answers our questions.

But now that we live in the burbs, this doctor’s office is a 45 minute drive. If my son, god forbid, breaks his arm or something, would I really drive 45 minutes to see his doctor about it? Probably not.

Will I feel horribly guilty to change his doctor (the only doctor he’s ever known) to one that is closer and doesn’t charge an extra $100 just for the privilege to set foot in the office? Hell yes.

So maybe I’ll pay. I don’t know. I feel very indignant about this.

All of them.

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