still sore hamstrings all stretched

still sore

hamstrings all stretched out
squatting, lifting, herding kids
backstage mom is sore

Saturday was the wee one’s first dance recital. Fearing that he might flip out, I volunteered to be a Backstage Mom, which means taking charge of all the kids in your kid’s class while everyone waits backstage for their turn to perform. (In other words, I volunteered for Insanity.)

Ever had to keep seven 2 and 3-year-olds quiet and in one place for a little over a half an hour?

This is apparently a skill only available to those with superpowers, not mere moms. Though, with some help from another mom (bless her) we managed to keep the kiddos from running themselves into walls and leaping out onto stage in the middle of other kids’ dances.


The truly miraculous part was that even at 8 pm (if you are familiar with children of this age, you know that 8 pm is a dangerous hour for the sanity of the whole household)… even that late in the evening, the wee one’s class marched out on stage, danced their Peter Pan dance and marched off stage – all smiles. No flipping out. No crying. No messing around. It was almost scary.

So the recital was a success. My little Peter Pan was the hit of the show (I like to think). And now, thanks to being coached by his relatives – he runs around the house shouting, "I’m the star! I’m the star! Peter Pan is the star of the show!"

And he was.


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