the F hole

what the hell was that?
I thought this PBS show
was about farmers

I’m sitting here, typing away, and all of a sudden I hear, "It’s missing an F hole!" in a very jolly voice emanating from the TV.


I look up and a man wearing overalls and a ridiculous expression on his face says, "They use lasers to cut the F hole."

Again. WTF?

I feel confused, as if this PBS children’s show has started channeling the audio of a decidedly non-PBS show from an adjacent channel. But then I see what’s happening. The farmers are at a guitar making place. (Shop? Studio?) The guitars are having their f holes lasered into them.

I just…

There’s so many…

But it’s all inappropriate and then wee one wouldn’t get the jokes anyway.

2 thoughts on “

  1. They were mandolins. Mandolins have f shaped holes (violins and all their friends do too). Guitar holes are round.
    Just in case you ever need to know.


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