some kids shows suck ass
I hate simpering dinos
and whiny bear cubs

Two days in a row I’ve seen a kid’s show make an Apocalypse Now reference. Not that that’s too crazy – I mean "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" is part of our regular American lexicon now. Of course on Arthur, it’s the smell of hair gel and on Clifford it’s the smell of popcorn. But still. I kind of like it. Even if it’s sort of the muzakization of a movie script.

When the Nordstrom’s piano lady plays the Beatles, it’s weird, but possibly comforting.

When Clifford references a movie about Vietnam atrocities, it’s weird, but possibly comforting, too.

Sure, there’s an insidiousness to it. Sort of a Borg thing, you know… assimilation of everything cool into something bland and appropriate for the masses. But on the other hand, it’s a pretty high compliment to the writer to infiltrate pop culture like that.

So rock on Clifford and Arthur. I’m waiting for some Deliverance quotes now.

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  1. you should try watching Lazy Town. It’s by far the best children’s show around! It’s on at 10:30 am on Nick Jr.


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