brain has slowed way down
too many Combos (and beers)
hunger cheesed away

Shut up. I like the official cheese food of NASCAR. That’s not what I want to talk about though.

I have a gift card for $107 to use at the Apple store. There was some drama with crappy ass software and a mouse and I managed to return both and get store credit. not optimal, but more useful than flushing the crappy ass software down the toilet and/or setting it on fire.


What should I get? An ipod Shuffle? Half of an iPod Mini? A printer? An extra battery for the ibook? Dora the Explorer software (and some other software) for the wee one? What do you think?

I’ve already asked and the gift card won’t work online. Also, the Apple store does not sell movies, shoes, haircuts, gerber chicken sticks, diapers or really anything else the family actually needs.

Help me, Obi Blog Readers. You’re my only hope.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Apply the gift card towards an iPod for your newest brother-in-law’s 2nd anniversary.
    The Force will be with you, always.


  2. Definitely, definitely, itunes store gift cards. That’s like 10 albums. Course, an ishuffle would be pretty cool too.


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