Star Wars!

embrace inner nerd
time to go stand in long line
where’s wookie costume?

If I was a really hip, cool, fresh person I’d be all, "Star Wars? Bah. That shit hit it’s peak twenty years ago. I’m going to go see Kung Fu Hustle and laugh my ass off at the subtitles."

But I’m not really a hip, cool, fresh person (wait, who am I kidding? Of course I am!). I heart Star Wars a lot, even with Hayden Christensen and a totally digital Yoda. So I’m gonna go right now and stand in line for the 7pm showing of Star Wars!

Well, I’m not gonna go stand in line right now, but I will in a few hours. And it will be fun. And a little nerdy. But I’m not going to dress in costume. I draw the line at movie line costumes.

3 thoughts on “

  1. hehe I’d say you’re normal in every way- you didn’t show up at the 12:01 (as in midnihgt) showing with the rest of the hoards.
    Then again, neither did I.


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