To Infinity… and Beyond!

party detritus
still litters the living room
hazardous walking

In the spirit of the wee one beginning to truly believe that he is Buzz Lightyear, his birthday party on Saturday was Buzz all the way. Buzz plates. Buzz napkins, Buzz hats, Buzz blowy things, Buzz stickers, Buzz pinata, the list goes on and on.

The party was two parts insanity, three parts fun – and with only four kiddos total, it was still exhausting. But it went off without a hitch, pretty much. With a handful of kiddos three and under, there really is no such thing as a "hitch," though. As long as everyone survives the hour and half without major bodily damage or emotional trauma, the mama gets congratulated for the best birthday party ever. Yay!

Of course, Saturday was the first day of the season to hit 100, so we were all out in the backyard absolutely melting. But the kids didn’t seem to mind. They had an obstacle course, army men to dig out of the sandbox, and a pinata to abuse. Plus the requisite cake and presents. This year I hand crafted a rather amateur-looking spaceship birthday cake. But it didn’t look too bad and the wee one loved it.

Possibly the best part of the whole shindig was the pinata. We bought the kiddie kind, where instead of beating on each other with sticks, the kids can just pull strings at the bottom of the pinata. After a few strings are pulled a trap door opens and all the candy falls out. Simple enough. I was especially proud of the goodies- nerds, lollipops, glow-in-the-dark jelly bracelets, bouncy balls, etc. Cool stuff.

Anyway, I was trying to line the kids up so they could take turns grabbing at the strings, when one young gent comes barreling out from the house onto the porch. He shoved his way to the front and grabbed every single string in one handful. BAM. All the candy was out. In about 2 1/2 seconds flat. The kid’s mom was mortified, but none of the other kiddos cared at all. They were just happy to wade through the candy and fight over bouncy balls. ha!

After a round of serious present unwrapping, everyone dispersed and we were left up to our ears with Star Wars toys and Buzz Lightyear paraphernalia. Not a bad day at all.

Of course earlier that morning, I tripped on the cord of my new ibook and took a header onto the kitchen floor. Actually, it was more of a knee-er. You should see the bruises. Very impressive. I am, in fact, on my way to the doctor this morning to see how come when my right knee turns, this wonderful grinding thing happens as my leg fills with stabby pain.


The amazing thing is that during most of the party I felt no pain. I guess there’s no pain reliever better than the adrenaline you get while herding three-year-olds.

Happily, the party was a success. Even more happily I don’t think my knee is that badly damaged. I’m just getting it checked out to be on the safe side. Why be anal like that? Well, we’re leaving for vacation tomorrow! To the beach! And if I’m gonna have a busted leg I don’t want to spent one second of beach time at an emergency room. Gonna get that shit fixed now.

While I’m gone, Adam, The (not unfrozen, not caveman) Lawyer Brother-in-Law, will be guest-blogging. And whenever I find a wireless coffeshop I’ll pop in and say hello.

So be nice to Adam. And have a swellegant week.

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  1. Let me know if it’s a slight tear in your latteral colatteral ligament……same thing happend to me once when I sat down to email Julie….tucked my leg up under me and *rip*.


  2. Oh yeah….and Adam gets to guest-blog all 8 or 9 days your gone….but I get NONE. What are you so afraid of?!?!?


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