it’s hard to believe
that we are old mamas now
boy howdy time flies

My best friend had her baby today! Wee Nicolette Rae was born at 5:15 this afternoon. 7 lbs 20 inches. Only 6 hours of labor and one push, can you believe that?

Even harder to believe is that just a handful of years ago my friend and I were angsty college students, pining over boys and life and mid-terms and roommates. We were silly girls, driving around in an old Mazda Protege, making eyes at boys at red lights and talking about how we were going to change the world.

Now we’re both happily married mamas. And she has two girls! It’s so crazy how fast these things happen. I guess on paper, our lives seem mundane. We haven’t become famous actresses or writers (though we’re working on it). We haven’t cured cancer or invented a miracle product (though we’re working on it). We have created the most beautiful children, though. And as cheesy and hokey and sparkly denim skirt wearing as it sounds, creating these babies is by far the best contribution to the world either of us could have ever made.

I can’t wait to add more babies to the brew.

I still can’t believe she has two now! Two! A twenty month old and a 3 hour old. Two! It’s makes me cry for how lucky she is. I have to stop typing now before I get too mushy. The cynical, foul-mouthed, self-obsessed haiku of the day will be back tomorrow. Right now I have to go plan out a week’s worth of meals to bring over to their house. How does a HoneyBaked ham sound? Cholesterol-laden casseroles? Lasagne? Potato salad? It’s the perfect time to whip out all those southern church cookbooks and just go freakin crazy.


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  1. I have one, but definitely emphathize the wanting of another…children are honestly the most humbling of experiences… and tears come every time I think of my son. It’s almost like you have to very briefly enjoy their moments of success because if you brood over them, you would probably die of happiness/sadness/anxiety…


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