drills, fillings and shots
apparently not scary
like Nemo or bugs

I need to take a moment and gush. My wee one – the same wee one that squeals and stands on a chair when he sees a spider across the room – just went to the dentist, had a cavity filled, and didn’t cry, whimper or wiggle AT ALL.


I don’t know whether to be proud or just a little bit afraid. He was so brave! Is he an alien? Cause mama ain’t brave at the dentist. Nuh-uh, no sir. Mama freaks her shit at the dentist. She turns red and splotchy. She sweats. She whimpers. And that’s just for cleanings.

The wee one wore his sunglasses so the overhead light wouldn’t be bright, and he clutched his Buzz Lightyear doll to his chest, and he just peacefully stared at the ceiling while the dentist drilled away. He didn’t even need the nitrous!


I, on the other hand, was a nervous freaking wreck. I thought I was going to be the first mom ever to pass out watching her kid get a cavity filled. There wasn’t even any blood – it’s just seeing him laying there with the lip-spreader thing in his mouth, and his tiny little feet laying on the chair… oh it was so worse than being in the chair myself.

He was wonderful. Marvelous. I don’t even know how to express how proud I am of him.


2 thoughts on “

  1. go wee one! i KNEW he could do it. and yes…i did have my doubts about you. that’s why i suggested the nitrous for YOU. too bad you passed on it.


  2. Ha, Robyn, I totally needed the nitrous.
    Maybe now that I’ve seen how brave the wee one is I can go have my own teeth cleaned, etc. Maybe not.


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