brain isn’t working
must be off for July fourth
gray matters no more

I have no idea what to write about but I thought I’d post anyway. How’s that for the number one rule to creating a scintillating blog.

Right now the wee one is standing on the cushionless sofa (he threw all the cushions on the floor to make a mountain) and he’s looking around the room through a backwards spyglass. And he’s naked. Because it’s 104. I should be naked too.

So that’s pretty much it. An ordinary Friday.

Oh, hey, what is UP with Sandra Day O’Connor retiring? I know she’s 75 and everything, but doesn’t she realize the political climate we live in? Doesn’t she realize that at least one more justice may give up the fight in the very near future? Is she TRYING to encourage the current government to become the Iran of the West? I know it’s not her fault that the list of nominees to replace her is grim. But man, oh, man. It kind of feels like a bad, women’s-rights-removing stink is in the air.

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